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Sunshine is nature’s disinfectant. Thanks to hydroxyl generator technology, we can put the pathogen-scrubbing energy of the sun to work inside. By sanitizing both air and surfaces, hydroxyl generators are restoring confidence – and health – to our indoor spaces.

Complete Air & Surface Sanitation

Pure Air Solutions to Keep Your
Organization Breathing Freely

From small offices to expansive warehouses, hydroxyl generator technology can keep up with your clean air needs. Keep your business running healthy and strong by kicking viruses, bacteria, and mold to the curb.

Residential & Commercial Buildings

Schools & Churches

Health Care Facilities


Restaurants & Small Businesses

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Clean. Safe. Protected.

Health in Harmony with Nature

Hydroxyl Generators: Safe Indoor Air, Nature’s Way

Take a long, deep breath. What was in the air you just inhaled? In addition to oxygen, aromas and other substances, our air is also host to dust particles, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), mold, bacteria, and viruses. We breathe up to 23,000 times per day, taking in both oxygen and toxins. If our air is contaminated with pathogens, it can bring on both acute and chronic illnesses.

The quality of the air we breathe goes a long way in supporting our overall health. With Americans spending an average of 90% of their time indoors, indoor air quality is of critical importance. Poor quality air inside buildings can trigger asthma and allergy attacks, headaches, nausea, and flu-like symptoms as well as spreading bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.

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Pathogen-Free Surfaces

The organic oxides produced through hydroxyl generator technology not only cleanse the air, they keep hard and soft surfaces safe and pathogen-free.

Virus & Bacteria Control

Hydroxyl generators have been shown effective in killing up to 99.99% of mold, bacteria and viruses including staph, E.coli, influenza and COVID-19.

Purified Air

Hydroxyl generators' organic oxides consume harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), reducing the risk of short and long term illness caused by VOC exposure.

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How We Serve

The Ideal Fit for Every Space

You have options when it comes to hydroxyl generators. From portable to permanent, we can customize the right system for you. Small or large, every space deserves clean air.

Portable Units

Ideal for smaller spaces or temporary needs

In-Duct Units

Permanent installs that are hidden from view

Wall-Mounted Units

Permanent installs that are out of the way

Custom Solutions

HVAC integrated systems for large areas

Like Having the Sun in Every Room

With portable, in-duct, wall-mounted and custom hydroxyl generator solutions, you can deliver the peace of mind of clean air and surfaces to every corner of your facility. Guard against the spread of viruses, bacterial infections, and mold and VOC allergens with the same potency as the sun. It’s time to choose health and breathe air we can trust.

Your Future

Imagine Life with Air You Can Trust

Viruses, bacteria, mold and harmful VOCs are a part of life. While we may never be able to eliminate these threats, we can take charge of the health of our environmental air and surfaces. With hydroxyl generators, we can shield ourselves from both airborne and surface-dwelling pathogens and allergens.

Disinfect Surfaces

Defeat Viruses

Reduce Illness

Annihilate Allergens


Hydroxyl generators are revolutionizing the way we breathe.

Businesses and organizations of all kinds are waking up to the need for pure air and clean surface solutions that don’t cause as many problems as they solve. See what some of our customers are saying about the difference hydroxyl generators are making in their lives.

Jon T.
Jon T.
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We live in a legal grow state and have a couple of plants in our garage. When those things go into budding the smell is insane. You can smell it as you come up to our house! We have some carbon filters but those just weren't cutting it during the end stages of budding. We got one of these and no more smell!
Melissa S.
Melissa S.
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I highly recommend this hydroxyl machine. I found it very intuitive. It was easy to hook up the air mover (which surprised me as I thought that would be the hard part) and it's simple, powerful design just makes sense and gets the job done. Very satisfied with this choice.
Patti W.
Patti W.
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I used this device in a home that flooded and had mold growing. I ran this device for 24 hours and then did another air sampling test. The air sampling test came back clean.
Melissa F.
Melissa F.
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We have a number of these units. I don't use the ozone function as most of the areas I use these are occupied intermittently. Since we have relatively dry air most of the time, I place a 500cc atomizer filled with distilled water (like an essential oils diffuser) to raise the availability of water vapor to make the generator perform to it max.

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