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Creating Safe and Clean High School Vocational Shops

High School Vocational Shops – safe, clean, and efficient learning environment

Challenge: Schools around the country are redesigning their welding, automotive and wood programs and shops to attract students to in demand fields. Educators, designers, and builders are looking for cost-effective solutions to provide a safe, clean, easy to use, and flexible learning environment for their students. Air filtration requirements in schools typically do not have the same demand as a heavy manufacturing environment. Additionally, education environments need to be capable of ongoing reconfiguration to support updates to the curriculum.

Solution: A practical alternative to large, fixed, central systems are Industrial Maid smaller packaged ambient air cleaners that capture dust, smoke, and fumes used to clean the entire shop. Specific filter combinations are used in the different areas to help provide a safe and clean environment for faculty, students, and guests.

Results: The T3000 is more energy-efficient and offers quieter operation. The high-volume air cleaners protect students from exposure to dust, fumes and smoke. The units are easier to install, and maintain, and this solution covers the entire space offering maximum flexibility.