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Health and Safety for Your Business Requires neutralizing the COVID-19 Virus

With the threat of COVID-19 still looming and vulnerability to the growth of mold spores, viruses, bacteria, and odors, air purification is becoming increasingly more important in the maritime sector. However, safely and effectively purifying the air to eliminate these contaminants in the tight quarters of a vessel is no easy task.

From cruise ships to tugboats, each maritime industry recognizes the need for effective air purifying solutions. There are multiple devices that vessel operators can utilize to purify the air aboard. One of the most effective methods of air purification is hydroxyl generation.

What Are Hydroxyls & How Are They Generated?

Hydroxyls are often referred to as mother nature’s detergent. Originally generated outdoors, these simple molecules, consisting of oxygen and hydrogen atoms, are created by interacting with the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Once created, hydroxyls disperse to neutralize outdoor contaminants, such as allergens, by modifying the molecular structure of them. As a result, the immune system doesn’t recognize them as harmful, hence stopping an allergic reaction from occurring. This process is safe and never ceases to sanitize the world around us.

A hydroxyl radical has an incredibly short lifespan of less than one second, however, its reactivity rate is extremely high. Not only is it able to neutralize allergens and other outdoor contaminants, but pathogenic viruses and bacteria as well. Hydroxyl generation devices utilize multiple wavelengths of high-powered ultraviolet light to replicate nature’s process indoors.

The Benefits of Using Hydroxyl Technology Onboard

There are multiple benefits that oxygen generators can provide to ship operators.

  1. Provides continuous protection against viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants. Like all indoor environments, vessels are ideal hosts for viruses, bacteria, and more to thrive. Hydroxyl technology has been proven to eliminate 99.9% of these threats in a matter of minutes to keep guests and crew safe and healthy while onboard.
  1. Environmentally safe. With green initiatives on the rise in all maritime segments, hydroxyl technology paves the way for protecting those onboard as well as those below. The replication of this natural process provides guests and crew with the highest quality of indoor air available, and the use of recalibrated circulation helps vessel operators save on fuel costs.
  2. Easy to maintain and transport. Hydroxyl generators do not need as much maintenance as some other air purification systems, such as those that rely on filters. They can also be easily transported from vessel to vessel. If a vessel is decommissioned, the operator can simply move the device to another vessel.

What Hydroxyl Technology Means to the Business Sector

With travel and trade continuing to skyrocket around the world, health and safety onboard is becoming more prominent than ever. Maritime organizations need to protect their most valuable assets, which is inarguably guests and crew. This can be ensured by implementing a hydroxyl generator onboard.

Interested in learning more about hydroxyl technology? Reach out to VIKAND today to learn more about the PYURE Dynamic Protection™️ air purification system. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.